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Luggage Storage at Paris Attractions

Paris is one of those exceptional cities that draws you in with its magnetic beauty and charm. Whether you’re on a solo adventure on your arrival and departure day, or you’re on an extended Parisian romantic getaway with that special someone, the city is bound to draw you in with its wonderful attractions.

Paris’ cultural and iconic history, mixed with the modern-day vibe has something in store for every kind of traveler. Must-see tourist attractions such as The Louvre and La Place de Bastille will never seize to impress with their awe-inspiring architecture. And have you really been to Paris if you haven’t visited the Eiffel Tower?

Planning your Paris Trip

When planning your trip to the French capital, it’s important that you take all the details into consideration such as luggage storage. Booking a hotel, seeing what attractions, gardens and restaurants are close by is important, but imagine what your day would be like if you had to tag along your bags to all these places.

You can create a booking at any point of your travel planning process. This guarantees you a secure a spot for your luggage to be safely kept at.

Your baggage can be kept at or around any of the following:

Paris Stations
Paris Airports
Paris Attractions

Paris Attractions Baggage Storage

It’s finally summer. You are now able to stroll around Paris by foot and that calls for some help with your bags. You don’t want to spend your Paris adventure lugging your heavy bags in the heat. While some museums, theatres and stadiums do have lockers for smaller bags, most of these places do not allow their visitors to bring in their large suitcases for safety and security purposes. 

This is where city luggage storage come in handy. 

We’re here to introduce you to the variety of baggage storage locations scattered all just within a walking distance from Paris’ famous attractions. Because not having the option of keeping your bags at a museum, for example, should not keep you from visiting it. 

Paris Luggage Storage Guide

Planning a trip and travelling shouldn’t be stressful experiences for anyone and searching for information can be tiring and time-consuming. That is why we have created this guide to help travelers find the left luggage options that suit their travel needs best. We’re here to offer you luggage storage solutions so you can plan an unforgettable trip.

This guide includes: 

  • Closest luggage storage locations to where you are right now
  • Locations of luggage storage facilities around the area of your choice
  • Luggage storage company location, features and price comparison 
  • Price interactive maps 

Plus, all the maps can be downloaded and used on your mobile phone as you go!

Feel free to store your bags close to any of these Paris attractions: 

The Eiffel Tower
Louvre Museum
Hôtel de Ville
Place de la Bastille
Montmartre et Sacré-Coeur
Notre-Dame de Paris
Arc de Triomphe

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