Arc de Triomphe

2022 Guide: Luggage Storage in Arc de Triomphe

Discovering the beauty of Arc de Triomphe is such a beautiful experience. However, carrying around your heavy bags when visiting this commemorative monument can ruin your Paris trip. Also, many attractions such as this one have a strict no-bag policy. For safety and comfort reasons, large, voluminous bags are not allowed inside the Arc de Triomphe.

Arc de Triomphe

Where To Store My Luggage Near Arc de Triomphe?

Do you want to store your baggage at a safe location just around Arc de Triomphe? There are plenty of options to store your bags, suitcases, or sports gear next to Arc de Triomphe. With the help of this guide, you will be able to choose the luggage storage option that’s most convenient for you; one that suits your travel needs the most.

Best luggage Storage Provider Near Arc de Triomphe is LuggageHero

We recommend LuggageHero as a preferred luggage storage service provider based on the number of storage locations in the Arc de Triumphe area, the flexible pricing, the luggage insurance policy, and last but not least, the simple online booking process.

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Best luggage storage around Arc de Triomphe

We have created an interactive map for you to easily locate the best luggage storage near Arc de Triomphe.

Browse, explore and make your choice as to where you want to store your luggage around Paris.

Why Depan Market is the best place to store luggage near Gare du Nord:

  • Located just 10 min away from the station
  • €1/hour
  • Opening hours: Monday: 16-23/Tuesday-Sunday: 10-23
  • Luggage insured with LuggageHero against damage, loss, and theft

All the Left Luggage Notre-Dame Locations are Vetted by Us

We have listed all the vetted locations to store your luggage around Arc de Triomph on this page.

There are many options to store your bags, suitcases, or sports gear around Arc de Triomphe. Here are the main solutions as of 2022 on how to free yourself and enjoy the wonders of the French Capital without having to carry around your baggage.

“Airbnb Luggage Storage” with LuggageHero

LuggageHero allows travelers to drop off their luggage and bags in a certified restaurant hotel bar or local shop. Travelers can book a location online and drop off their luggage, which is then sealed with a LuggageHero security tag.

LuggageHero only charges their customers for the time being that their bags are stored while they are fully insured – which they are, from the moment a security tag has been sealed to the handle of your bag at drop-off.

LuggageHero has over a hundred locations in Paris. This solution of short-term Paris storage provides you with flexibility and convenience on your travel day!

Frequently Asked Questions About Arc de Triomphe

  1. Where can I store luggage near Arc de Triomphe?
    There is a luggage storage location near Arc de Triomphe just 349 meters away. The location is open from 10am until 7pm and you can store your luggage for €1/hour (+€2 handling fee) and never more than €8/day.
  2. Can you go up the Arc de Triomphe?
    Yes, you can actually go up the Arc de Triomphe by paying a fee and climbing 280 stairs to the top. If you get to the top of Arc de Triomphe, you can enjoy an amazing view over Paris.
  3. How tall is Arc de Triomphe?
    Arc de Triomphe is a total of 50m tall! No chance of you hitting your head on it…
  4. How old is the Arc de Triomphe?
    Arc de Triomphe was built from 1806 until 1836 which means that it is 214 years old as of 2022.

Did you know that it was Napoleon who ordered the construction of Arc de Triomphe? He wanted it built with the intention of honoring the Grande Armee, the name of the French army at that time.