Hotel De Ville

Where to store my luggage near the Hotel De Ville?

There are many options for storing luggage near Hotel De Ville. Discovering the wonders of Hotel De Ville is such a great experience. However, carrying around your suitcase before or after arriving can ruin your day. Moreover, many attractions have strict no bags policies.

Do you want to store your baggage around Hotel De Ville? There are plenty of options to store your bags, suitcases or sports gear next to Hotel De Ville. With the help of this guide, you will be able to choose the luggage storage option that’s most convenient for you; one that suits your travel needs best.

Hotel De Ville

Best Luggage Storage Provider Near Hotel De Ville is LuggageHero

We recommend LuggageHero as a preferred luggage storage service provider based on the number of storage locations near the Hotel De Ville area, flexible pricing, luggage insurance as well as a simple online booking process.

Download the easiest luggage storage app in Paris

For even more comfort you can download the easiest luggage storage in Paris app created by LuggageHero. This app allows you to find places to store your luggage anywhere in Paris. 

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Interactive Luggage Storage Map

In the following interactive map, you will find the luggage storage options available in the surroundings of Hotel De Ville. Click on a pin, and see the LuggageHero locations to find the best location near you.

Browse, explore and make your choice!

“Airbnb luggage storage” with LuggageHero

LuggageHero allows travelers to drop their luggage and bags in a certified restaurant hotel bar or local shop. Travelers have to book online a location and drop their luggage which will be sealed with a LuggageHero tag to make sure nobody tampers with anything inside their bags. This company charges their customers only for the exact time that their bags are stored with full insurance.

LuggageHero has over a hundred locations in Paris. This solution of short-term storage provides a lot of flexibility and the ability to improve your day.

Luggage storage near Hotel De Ville, Paris

By using LuggageHero you can find a storage location just 460 meters away from Hotel De Ville, it is a convenient location next to the RER station. You can easily leave your bags there and go to explore the beauty of the city hall. The location is open from 11 am until 8 pm, so if you are looking for something at a different time, you might want to try alternative locations.

When you reserve luggage storage at that location you also get free insurance for each of your bags and they are covered for €2500 per bag. That way you don’t have to worry about your bags even for a second and can easily enjoy your stay in Paris.

After you visit Hotel de Ville

After you visit Hotel de Ville you might want to enjoy a few more things before picking up your bags from the storage locations. You can visit Saint-Jacques Tower which is a 3-minute walk from Hotel de Ville. Saint-Jacques Tower is the only remaining part of a 16th-century church that was destroyed during the French Revolution. Just a minute walk away you can also check out the Caserne Napoléon, Orme Saint Gervais, and Mémorial de la Shoah, which is a free-entry Holocaust museum & memorial with photographs, documents & multi-media displays.