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There is so much to do around the Eiffel Tower. For example, you can check out The Champ de Mars which a massive public greenspace in Paris, is located between the Eiffel Tower and the École Militaire. The park is named after Rome’s Campus Martius, a tribute to the Latin name of the Roman God of War and because the lawns were once used by the French military as a drill and marching field.

The park, which has a spectacular view of the capital’s landmark monument and is open to the public, is a popular gathering spot for national events. Picnicking, playing music, and watching the Eiffel Tower’s twinkling lights at night, Parisians and visitors congregate on its lawns.

In any case, when you are visiting the Eiffel Tower, you do not want to be stuck dragging your bags. That is why, we would like to share with you our favorite location for bag storage near the Eiffel Tower.

Luggage Storage J’adore Souvenirs – Eiffel Tower

This luggage storage location can be found only 400m away from the Eiffel Tower. The reason we think it is the best option is that it is the most affordable, conveniently positioned and with best opening hours. Best of all you store your bags with LuggageHero which is our preferred luggage storage provider for Paris.

Opening hours:
Every day between 10am – 11pm. Call to check for special holiday hours!

€1/hour + €2 booking fee and never more than €8/day

No Wi-Fi
Each bag is insured for up to €2500
Free cancellation
Pay by the hour
COVID-19: Follows government issued guidelines on social distancing and hygiene

Important note: You can only book online so before you go, make sure to book your storage here!

★★★★★ (58 ratings) 47 travelers gave this place 5 out of 5 stars! See what they said.

Book online and receive directions

You must book ahead of time to obtain directions in order to ensure a simple and fast drop-off. But don’t worry, LuggageHero has nearly 2.000.000 hours of luggage stored simply because their service is so simple and fast.

Interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, one of Paris’s – nay, the world’s – most visited attractions, opened over a 130 years ago, attracting nearly seven million tourists a year.

  • Climbing to the top is possible, but there are 1,665 steps. The majority of people use the elevator.
  • Before the building of a military transmitter in the town of Saissac in 1973, it was France’s tallest tower. The Millau Viaduct, which opened in 2004, is 343 meters long.
  • As Germany invaded France during WWII, Hitler ordered the Eiffel Tower to be demolished, but the order was never carried out. However, French resistance fighters avenged themselves by cutting the Tower’s elevator cables, forcing the Nazis to ascend the stairwell to hoist their flag.
  • Gustave Eiffel, the tower’s engineer and architect, was also involved in a botched French effort to construct a canal in Panama, and his reputation suffered as a result of the disaster.

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